May – June 2018 – France

May and June were very quiet in Noirmoutier: Marion’s foot is slowly healing, we spend our days with her family, fishing or swimming in the ocean. Turned out her ankle was not only sprained, all the ligaments were torn, and a bit of bone was almost gone…


We keep our minds and hands busy with a bit of matelotage thanks to Escale Formation Technique’s great training. Also, we stock up with French saucisson and vacuum seal them, for harder times!

Let’s not forget Marion’s boating and VHF radio licences! If you cannot move for two months, might as well do something useful.



June 18th – La Roche Bernard

The marina in L’Herbaudiere suddenly decided that we weren’t good enough anymore for them, and kindly asked us to move our 14-ton butt. We take the boat to La Roche-Bernard, the only place in the area that we can afford without it being too far from Nantes, where Antoine still works.

On the bright side, this allowed us to sail a bit with Marion’s sister Claire and her boyfriend Theotime. A nice cruise! We stopped one night in the island of Houat, where we even got to meet a friend of us. We’re back on the sea baby, and it feels good!



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