January 2019 – Degrees and family

Happy new year!


Being finally back to the boat, we meet Chloé and Julien, who are biking their way to Burkina Faso. Obviously, they are very interested in our route… After a few discussions we accept to sail them to Senegal at the end of the month. We also briefly meet Jules and his hord of female hitchhikers, whom we’ll meet again later…

For now, it is time to go back to Gran Canaria to finish our diving internship and get our Divemaster degree. Two intense weeks later, filled with technical training and theorical tests, it is done!

Both of us are now officially Divemasters, with a cherry on top: 100% success rate at the exam. We even manage to complete our formation with a little beach clean-up, recovering a lost armchair out of the bay.


January 19th – Haettel family time


Family is a sacred thing at Antoine’s, but I believe I already mentioned that somewhere. Since it has already been 2 whole weeks since their last time together (Christmas), Antoine’s brothers decide to fly all the way to GC to spend 10 days on the sea with us. Big winds, waves, various intents to fish and a few diving sessions: our program is packed!

Gastronomy-wise, we set the bar really high. An 8-kilos ham – which Mousse seemed to like – and a Gaston-Gérard chicken on the first night: this traditional dish from Burgundy feature a whole chicken slowly cooked in heavy cream, melted Comté cheese and Dijon mustard. Perfectly light and adapted to tropical temperatures I would say.

We then finally leave Gran Canaria and its tourists to go to La Gomera Island. We knew there were gonna be some wind, but we kind of forgot to check the swell… A memorable night it is, with 30-knots winds and 3-meters waves.

La Gomera is a really cute island, even though it is still crawling with German people. But those ones are more pleasant, they do yoga and eat gluten-free. We rent a car to go hike in the National Park, a beautiful forest of beech/eucalyptus/laurel/whatever trees, the problem being that up there the temperature drops 10 degrees… And the fog is everywhere.


Fishing-wise, we were never this terrible. The only thing we caught, and several times, are big pufferfish (tetrodons) that swell up on the deck, they are absolutely ridiculous to look at…

We drown our sorrow in good wine, cakes and diving sessions. This week really isn’t so bad!


But everything has an end, even though it always comes too soon. Antoine’s brothers hop back on a plane, and we pick up Chloé and Julien for a last stop at El Hierro before our final goodbye to Europe…


Next : El Hierro !



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