Auke…what ?

As it took 3 weeks for Antoine to remember the name of our boat, here is and explanation of where the name Aukena comes from.

Aukena is an island

It is the third biggest island of the Gambier archipelago in the French Polynesia.

 What does this island look like?

Ah, ça ressemble à ça ? What a pity, we definitively have to check out that island on the way

Even if the name of the boat is hard to prononce and remember, we did not want to change its name for two reasons:

  • First it’s bad luck. It has been scientifically proven by ourselves on another boat…
  • Secondly it will force us to have a stop over on that island that seems pretty decent! Fortunately it wasn’t named after some island on the coast of France as going their would have been too easy!

Aukena is our boat

Aukena is a steel monohull 12m sailing boat. It has been built following the plans of the STervenn MK2 model of the now deceased french boat architect Gilbert Caroff. It was built one 1978by 3 young amateurs. It is very wide, heavy and confortable, hence not very fast…We decide to focus on our confort rather of sailing performance. With our program it is best to feel at home in our boat!


The last owner

Paul, the last owner, didn’t have time to finish all of the interior. We are left with all of the ceilings to finish, the toilets and plumbery to finish. And after quite some time on land, the boat needed to be check completely. We will try to respect as much as possible the initial vision of Paul while refreshing and adapting the boat to our program and our desires.

Paul, his wife, and us two – it’s done, we are officially the new owners of Aukena!